Pain de Sucre

Nathalie Robert and Didier Mathray are the two pastry chefs behind this lovely store in the second arrondissement. Both having had experiences working at Michelin restaurants, the duo met when they were at Pierre Gagnaire.

About 10 minutes walk distance from where I live, I’ve been venturing to this place a bit, and have basically tried everything they offered at the shop….is this an accomplishment or what? I am also pretty sure that one of the vendeurs knows me by now, and is probably surprised at my level of sugar intake. I went again today and he was friendlier than before. Perhaps he has warmed up to me now that he knows I am a regular.




In 2012, they opened up another shop that serves savories. I’ve had their lunch roulés which were quite tasty. Their quiches looked really good, so perhaps when I have a craving for that one day!




If it’s your first time here, I would suggest you try the Rosemary, Lucile, or Bollywood. I had their Melusine today, which is similar to a Fraiser, and it was freaking delicious. Everything is on par with what you would expect. This place serves up quality desserts at quality prices. All the other French classic desserts are great as well. I also have to give a hats-off to their millefeuille. It looks especially mouth-watering and alluring. The best part is probably the vanilla cream, one of the best I have ever tasted. The one thing I have not tried is baba au rhum…but that’s because I’ve had a bad experience before. The ones here look better though, so maybe some time in the very near future…

You can opt to sit down and order coffee with your pastry or lunch! Most places have a different price for sur place, but this place doesn’t, which is awesome. I don’t know what more you can ask for from a pastry shop!

Pain de Sucre

75003 PARIS
Phone: 01 45 74 68 92
Hours: 10h00 – 20h00 (Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

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