Septime (II)

I was here about a month ago and enjoyed the meal so much that I made another reservation right away, without hesitation! So glad I did since I had a different experience this time.

We went “carte blanche” as there was no other choice. Usually, you have the 30 euro set menu offer, but I guess as it was a national holiday, they only have the 60 euro tasting menu. Pas grave, I will take this great deal any day! Only the health conscious side of me would’ve done the 30 euro deal in the first place, but when in Paris…



We started off with a very light sliced zucchini entree with ricotta cheese. Light and simple, a great way to wake up your taste buds for the better things to come.


Our second entrée was beef tartare, with beef from Gascogne. Having been in France for so long, this was actually my first time having beef tartare. It’s just not something I would order, and the fact I’m eating rare beef…is a bit weird. It’s not my everyday sashimi type thing. To be honest, when they presented us the dish, I might have cringed…just a little.  Good thing Septime made my first beef tartare an amazing experience. The freshness of the rare beef accompanied with grilled zucchini was actually more refreshing than heavy. I guess French cuisine just continues to surprise me! DSC_1011


The wine pairing was done by the restaurant’s sommelier. Since it was a “surprise menu” and they didn’t tell us what was in it, we couldn’t really make any decisions. Or rather, I did not have enough expertise to make any solid decisions. This is always a bit frustrating. But obviously nothing can go wrong when the sommelier picks the drinks for you.



This is probably my favorite dish of the meal! As I have learned to love asperges blanches, I am really appreciating how restaurants are using this in their cuisine now, especially since it’s in season. The fish they used, I think, was merlu. Which doesn’t have much of a fishy taste, and was flaky enough so you have some form of texture in the entire dish as a whole. Of course, you the sweetness of the white asparagus is always a great addition.  The butter-sauce, which was very light, added all the flavors you needed in this dish.

A very fitting dish for spring! Just look at the color!

DSC_1038The meat dish was quail with egg-yolk sauce, hazelnuts and potatoes. The sauce was a bit on the salty side…but that tends to be what happens when they use soy sauce in French cooking. I guess they just really haven’t mastered this particular ingredient yet. However, the natural sweetness of the potatoes was able to rectify the situation a little bit. The quail itself was really tender with crispy skin!

Yes, there were two desserts after this, but I was quite disappointed with both. I also forgot to take photos. The first dessert was edelweiss flower ice cream with toasted granola. The second one was strawberries with fresh cream. To be frank, they should really up their level on their dessert. Although the desserts were light, I felt like they were just cheating…sort of like they were in a hurry to end the meal. Otherwise, everything is golden and I wouldn’t change the place a bit!




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