Pirouette (II)

My second time here is just as good as my first. I actually brought my aunt here for her first meal in Paris, and she loved it so much she wanted to go back this time she visited. So, by luck, we were able to get their last table for lunch on a Monday. We were there a little bit before our reservation at 12:30, but once 12:30 hit, the crowd swarmed in. Compared to the last time we visited in early October, the place wasn’t full at all during the lunch period. Guess the chef is changing up some things in the kitchen and attracting lots of new customers! Needless to say, chef Tomy Gousset, who worked at Le Meurice with Yannick Alleno this neo-bistro, did not cease to surprise us with their gorgeous plating and flavorful dishes!


Guests have the choice between their Menu Dejeuner, which is 20euros for entrée du jour and plat du jour. Or the Menu Pirouette 45euros for an entree, plat et dessert. The table next to us got the lunch menu, and to be honest, it looked too plain and boring. So if you want the full neo-bistro experience, opt for their Menu Pirouette. They also have a Menu Degustation, which is 6 courses for 60euros…but that’s really for big appetites.

Btw, I apologize in advance for the photos since they were taken by an iPhone and the quality probably looks bad when enlarged. I only hope the photos can convey even a little bit of how delicious and beautiful the food was.


To start, we ordered the escabeche de seiche, which is squid escabeche accompanied by pine nuts, grapefruit and endives. This dish is very light and very refreshing! I am not sure what sauce they use, but very fitting for spring weather! I am sure there is lemon and a bit of mint somewhere. Though my aunt and I both agreed that it would be good if there was a hint of yuzu sauce as well.


We also ordered the epeautre, which is spelt served with cauliflower, girolles mushrooms, and a deliciously creamy sauce. The last time she was here, she ordered a dish that was similar to this one – sublime gnocchi with chanterelle mushrooms and the very same sauce. She finished the entire bread basket by herself because of this particular sauce!

For mains, we ordered volaille et foie gras – chicken and foie gras. This one had a very surprising ingredient…popcorn! This is where their creative and innovative side comes in. The chicken was sooo tender that it must’ve been slow-cooked. The skin though, was still crispy. In terms of balance, this dish did very well. The creamy foie gras, tender chicken, and the crunch of the corn and popcorn.


The other plat ordered was the Saint Pierre fish, which was a bit on the salty side, but still pretty good. The lightly breaded fish went very well with the creamy sauce they served. I think what made the dish salty was the chorizo they added.


My favorite dish of my entire meal though, was my desert – mint and cucumber ice cream with tapioca and cookie crust. When I was looking through the dessert menu, this was actually the last thing I wanted to get (next to the cheese…because lets be real, why would I have cheese in a restaurant when I can go get them myself?). I just thought having ice cream for dessert at a set menu for 45euros is a waste, and it seemed so uninteresting. But when I was presented with it, I was blown away. I took a bite, and my eyes lit up. My aunt took a bite, and her eyes lit up as well. It was that amazing!

The cucumber and mint ice cream combination was extremely refreshing and light. Perfect summer dessert. The creative side came out with the tapioca. I’ve only ever had tapioca in a sweet soup – it’s a Taiwanese dessert. But this particular addition to the ice cream created a different texture that was kind of fun and bubbly in my mouth. Really cool and innovative! I would’ve never thought about this combination myself.



I was also fortunate enough to be able to dine at their newly opened restaurant Zebulon, which is located next to Palais Royal and near Musée du Louvre. A trendy and convenient location. Only a tad bit more expensive than Pirouette.

I recommend both places for a great neo-style cuisine if you want fancier French food!


Address: 5 Rue Mondétour, 75001 Paris

Phone:01 40 26 47 81

Hours: Monday to Saturday (lunch and dinner)


Address: 10 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris

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