Les Papilles (II)

I’ve been looking forward to my second time here ever since my first. The homey and cozy feel at this bistro creates such a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that makes me want to go back almost every week!

Their daily changing menu at 35 euros  gets you an entrée, which is usually soup, a main dish, a cheese course, and a dessert. Super great deal for some amazing food. Their selection of wine is also amazing and the manager makes good recommendations as well. Win-win situation right here! Lunch is definitely less crowded as well, but the place was still filled with the restaurant’s frequent clients as I saw a lot of friendly exchanges. Book ahead in advance for sure!





We started off with zucchini soup. Very yummy, and of course, dip it some bread in it! The soup is extremely creamy, but not too rich. We did think it was a bit on the salty side due to the cheese and bacon in the soup bowl, but other than that…great way to start our meal! Since we were a party of five, we got two big pots of it! We wanted to finish it, but we knew better things were about to come!


The main course was beef braised for 7-8 hours and cooked in red wine with root vegetables and baby potatoes. The meat was sublime – extremely tender and soft. Perfect with the juice. They chose the buttocks of the beef, which is the same part usually used to cook boeuf bourguignon. The manager also recommended a good bottle of Languedoc, which was paired really well with the dish as well.



For the cheese course, they offered blue cheese…and none of us ate blue cheese, so we got Camembert. This was exactly the same cheese course I had gotten on my previous visit. The dessert was the same as well…except the table next to us, for some reason, got a pistachio flavored panna cotta…I was extremely jealous. But that was the only table that got it. Everyone else seems to have gotten the orange flavored one. Either way, it was still amazing. I am debating whether or not this should be my last meal in Paris…

Les Papilles

Address: 30 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris
Hours: Lunch Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Mondays and Sundays

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