Chez L’Ami Jean

A small and unassuming restaurant in the 7th arrondissement serving up Basque food has perhaps one of the best bistro-style food in Paris.

The first time I went, the chef’s cuisine was pretty rustique – more home made style. But that seemed to have changed on my second visit with my aunt. Everything became more delicate, fine, and there was more attention to detail. Perhaps the chef is trying to change things up! Nevertheless, the food is still great and not to be missed! Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the hospitality and service…the chef himself can be kind of demanding and rude. He wants things to be done fast…and that trains up his entire team to be that way. All the waiters and waitresses rush to explain the menu and introduce the special of the day. They could have been more attentive to the customers.



On my first visit there, I regretted not getting the set. We went a la carte and each ordered an entree and a main. Everyone else around us ordered the lunch menu…and it looked so freaking delicious I was questioning myself the entire time why we didn’t do that.


To start, we have the maquereau slow cooked. Then, I ordered veal cheeks and my friend ordered the chicken.



On my second visit, learning from my last, we decided to get the formule dejeuner, which was 6 courses for 38 euros.



We have a bouillon to start, which was green pea soup. Then we have spring vegetables with crab meat, which was very refreshing and light.





The two mains were the maquereau fish (again) and boeuf braisé. Both dishes were well done, but nothing that lit up my eyes or made me want to scream delicious.





I am usually not a fan of rice pudding…it just doesn’t make much sense to me to eat rice and milk…together. L’Ami Jean’s specialty for dessert is their “riz-au-lait,” and it sure didn’t disappoint. It was the bomb. It is served to you in a very rustic style – in a big pot with a wooden spoon. Topped with a bit of condensed milk, salted caramel and pralines…a simple dessert becomes such a huge indulgence.

They also served a passion fruit creme brulee, which was all right. But in any case, save the calories on this one and go for the rice pudding.


The place offers a lunch menu, a carte blanche and a la carte. For first timers, I actually suggest the carte blanche, where the chef decides what to serve you. For experts, definitely go a la carte. Everything smelled and look amazing, and it looked closer to the chef’s old style, which is more rustique and home-made (since Basque food is not suppose to be fine-dining).

 Chez L’Ami Jean

Address: 27 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris

Phone: 01 47 05 86 89

Hours: 12:00 – 2:00 pm, 7:00 – 10:00 pm (Closed Mondays and Sundays) 



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