Sainte Chapelle

Often overlooked because most crowd over to the popular Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle is actually another great place of worship to visit.  Located in the heart of the city at ile de la Cité, this medieval Gothic chapel is embellished with gorgeous stained glass windows.


The chapel is divided into the lower chapel and the high chapel. The lower one is really nothing. The haute chapelle is where you want to be. There was a school group there when I visited, and once they got to the haute chapelle they all screamed “C’est trop beau! C’est trop beau!” They were so loud that the supervisors had to tell them to be quiet haha. But they are right. It is soooo beautiful.










Although the place is really small, all the details and intricate designs are wonderful to look at. The windows also tell the story of the Old Testament. But it’s pretty hard to make out the story. I think I got dizzy from trying to make out every single picture on the windows.

Unfortunately, the visit is not free for tourists. It is for me though, because I’m considered as an EU student at the moment. But I definitely wouldn’t forget about this place when you’re visiting the Notre Dame.


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