Opera Garnier (II)

It was at the request of Napoleon III that Charles Garnier started constructing this new opera house in Paris. This opera house was actually placed strategically at its current location by Napoleon. Near the Louvre and Jardin Tuileries, the opera house could create a “triangle of power” for Napoleon.

The first time I visited Garnier, I fell in love with this place the second I stepped into it. From all of my European travels to different cities and visiting old architecture, this definitely tops everything that I’ve ever seen. Obviously, architectural preference is a personal matter, so it may not be your favorite. But it certainly is mine.

My second time in here, I went to a Jazz concert with some friends so we had the opportunity to take a lot more pictures (:




The grand-foyer is my favorite part. The interior design evokes an atmosphere of mysteriousness and intimacy. This, by all means, tops the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.




Step into the auditorium and you can see Marc Chagall’s Ceiling. This piece of decorative artwork really is the center of the entire auditorium. It makes the auditorium the auditorium. It helps give the place its opulent, classy and stately ambiance. You can see this from two different balconies and both offer different views.




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