Pierre Sang Boyer

A Korean chef raised French, Pierre Sang has managed to make a name for himself in the culinary arena in Paris in such a short period of time. He appeared in last month’s Gout de Paris, and has been rated by a lot of media as a top place to dine. The restaurant itself has a nice and lively atmosphere. Space can get a little tight but they do have more tables in the basement, but why would you sit there when you can sit at the bar?

At his restaurant on Rue Gambey  you get an amazing deal for dinner – 6 courses that changes daily for 39 euros. My friend and I were literally on cloud nine after this. This is actually my third time visiting, and the menu still managed to surprise me. My friend wasn’t even hungry coming to the restaurant. And yet, she just got hungrier and hungrier after each plate, cleaning the plate with bread before finishing it. The food was so good it just opened her appetite completely.




Dining here is such a cool experience since you get to see what’s going on in the kitchen. Often times, what goes in the kitchen is such a mystery and a secret to all the guests. But here, not only is it an open kitchen, you get to sit in front of it and watch them work, while conversing with the chefs as well. The only thing is that it kind of makes me feel really bad because

Since it’s a daily changing menu, you really don’t know what you will get it. After you’ve tasted your food, they will ask what you think it’s in it and explain the dish for you in more detail. While they’re prepping the food, they will start chit chatting with you too. I really love this interaction, and it’s not something you can get elsewhere.




The chef told us beforehand that he wanted to create a light and refreshing meal since it was a hot day. I guess this is one of the great things about a changing menu. The chef can whip up something on  according to what’s in the market and the mood of the day.

We started off with a really light entrée. Mozzarella emulsion, sesame, tomato jelly, celery, and dried peas.


Gambas with pesto, garlic, cauliflower bites, and green peas.


Asperges are in for the season, and I am seeing it everywhere! Starting to really like eating asparagus now that I’ve had so much of it. As a kid, it was something I would avoid. This was poached asparagus with spinach cream, sausage, and smoked lardons. The taste of this dish was much heavier compared to the two entrées we had before, which progressed  into the heavier main course of the meal – onglet de boeuf. Cooked medium-rare with a slight crisp on the skin. Served with courgettes and some type of Korean soy-sauce (couldn’t figure it out what it was and couldn’t understand what they were saying about it).

It’s so easy to sear/pan-grill a steak, and yet…so easy to mess it up. From watching them prepare the food, I feel like I actually know how to do everything! But the truth is…it just all looks deceivingly simple. Food is never simple. (Unless you’re feeling lazy and instant noodles is the only solution at hand. But even then…there have been shows where they show you how to cook instant noodles properly…haha)



When they served the Morbier cheese, I debated whether or not I wanted to eat it. I already have a block of it at home. But then, I tasted their homemade jam with the cheese…and ate the whole thing in less than a minute. Their “jam” was made out of red beans, pamplemousse and martini. The jam by itself tasted a bit weird. But have it with the cheese and you’re in for a completely different experience.


Dessert was simple and light, a good way to round off the meal. Yogurt ice cream, cream and raspberries. It’s nothing too impressive, but it’s a great light and refreshing summer meal. Doesn’t leave me hungry, and doesn’t leave my stomach exploding.

Pierre Sang Boyer (Takes online reservations)

Address: 55 Rue Oberkampf & 6 Rue Gambey


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