All good things…

So the one week count down begins until I leave my beloved city 😦

Growing up as a TCK, I would think that I’m used to moving around by now. But that’s definitely not true. The only thing true about moving around is the long flights that I have to take. Anything above 12+ hours is in the norm. It’s all about flying across continents.

Moving is always hard and stressful. Emotionally and physically. I’ve already started to lose sleep. There’s something about dropping everything you’ve come to know and going somewhere else, even if it’s back to something familiar. When I feel like I’ve finally settled, I have to leave. Taiwan (plus moving between cities in Taiwan)…to Shanghai…to Taiwan…To LA…then to Paris. The concept of having a “home” is hard to grasp. Instability is something that I don’t really get/understand.

Another thing about always moving is that you grow attached to places and people really fast (all the new awesome friends I’ve made, you know who you are). So this move will probably be the hardest move ever. I’ve really made Paris my home.

It’s one thing to go to a new city/new country with your family, but another by yourself. You could argue that going to college was kind of like that, but I was going somewhere where things were set for me. I knew I had a dorm to live, I knew there would be people around, and I knew I’m going to be able to understand people wherever I went. Coming to Paris was different. I had to start from ground-zero. Finding an apartment, getting insurance, buying household items, opening a bank account, setting my own smoke detector, dealing with the local people, the language barrier, and the miraculous CAF that was able to give me housing subsidy for a good few months.

Still, Paris was beautiful. Paris is beautiful. Everything about it. Yes, there were bad times and there were good, but everything comes together perfectly. It has been the chillest year of my life as well as the most stressful.

But, I guess my time in Paris has come to its inevitable end. I can’t believe it’s over. I don’t think I can until I’m on that plane, chowing down on my last baguette, and actually landing in Taiwan, that I will realize it’s over. Maybe it will hit me when I have horrible bread without my beloved French butter. Whenever it hits me, I just hope it doesn’t hit me too hard. I’ve already been warned by several of my friends who are all suffering from Paris nostalgia.

We know they say that “all good things must come to an end.”

Well, screw that.

That’s not happening with Paris and I. I am not done with Paris.  I guess I have to return to reality aka back to school, then finding a job, and deal with all the things that adulthood has yet to introduce me to. But I know I’ll be back 200%. Maybe not to work, because I do not want to be part of France’s wreck of an economy. I will be back for everything else the city has to offer and has already offered me.

So right now, I’ll just tell myself that Paris will always a good idea.


P.S. My time in Paris is over, but not my love for blogging and eating, that’s for sure. Since I’ve been offered an internship in HK for the summer, I guess I’ll continue to indulge in some calories! I’ll keep my 365inParis blog, but I’ll be moving on over to Five Pounds Happier (which I probably will be, if not already from my time in Paris, after being in HK for the summer). This should be fun. So, join me in Asia soon 🙂


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