Drinking by the Seine

Last week I met up with some people to drink by the Seine, and it was only then that I finally realized why Paris has such a disappointing night life. When you can drink by the Seine (or the Eiffel Tower), why would you go drink indoors? Yeah, I don’t know either. So, while some people are rushing me to write a blog post about this (ahemmm), I also feel some what obligated to share my thoughts after having spent several nights drinking by the Seine.


Drinking by the Seine is probably an art itself. There are “unspoken rules.” There is a correct way to go about this tasteful affair so that you appear Parisien. Or you can choose to be the rowdy foreigners that everyone else glares at. We all know who they are. I cannot tell you how many times we went to a park at night only to discover that it’s being occupied by some drunk kids, dancing around and blasting music. I mean, I turn the other cheek when it comes to things like this, and keep my mouth shut. But some locals…don’t. They want you to know that you’re doing it wrong.

So that brings me to rule number 1) Thou shalt not get blasted drunk. I mean feel free to do it at a club or whatever, but anywhere outdoors where drinking is a classy affair, especially by the Seine – please don’t. Even though people may know that they’re probably sitting on somewhere someone has did their business, or where someone has puked already…that doesn’t mean they want to see someone actually do it.

That also gets me to rule number 2) Public bathrooms in Europe are a major problem. I personally use the bathroom a lot because I drink a lot of water. But having been all over Europe this year, I’ve learned to “hold it in.” If you are a guy, then it’s easier for you, for obvious reasons. Still though, you better go about this discreetly. I cannot count how many times where a guy decides just to pee on the wall next to where my friends and I were sitting. Like…wtf…were you not taught any better? (One of the people I was with last week needed to pee as well, but he had informed us and walked a few trees down to do his business. This is completely okay and acceptable.)

A night by the Seine is also never complete without meeting strangers who are a bit more drunk than you are. With whom you proceed to act like best friends for the next 10 minutes talking about literally…nothing, but somehow end up laughing at everything.

We then ran into a few French students who clearly already had quite a bit to drink. There was one girl in particular that was sooo drunk, I dont even think she realize what she was saying herself that she felt the need to repeat whatever she was saying at least two or three times. Then she proceeded to go pee next to a tree hahahaha. I applaud her for her guts because no matter how much I’ve had to drink…I can never go public.

So I guess I’m obligated to include a photo now. Thank goodness it was dark, so no one can see my Asian glow. In the picture, I mean. The French students told me I looked red.




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