Five Pounds Happier

I’ve never enjoyed food as much as I’ve had in Paris. I’ve always loved food, but Paris took me to a whole new level. It’s no wonder that it’s the gastronomy center of the world. But obviously, I would’ve never been able to experience that without some kicking and encouragement from 3 people in particular.

One is my family friend, auntie, who resides in Paris. She is a Master of Wine and a former Michelin inspector. I discovered the beauty of wine from her. And the greater beauty that comes in food and wine pairing. Thanks to her, I was able to experience food on a whole different level. Not to mention meeting the chefs 😉

Then there’s my aunt, who, I will be living with during my time in HK. Let’s just say she got me into eating baguette and bread, which OMFG, are the bomb (when made right). She also got me obsessed with good croissants. Since she is a baker and chef herself, she now has a mouth she needs to please.

Finally, there is one particular person who taught me, regardless of the amount of food I was eating, to just accept the calories and carbs and be “Five Pounds Happier.” I’ve actually been scared to step on a scale for three months now, but I don’t care at all.

To be honest, I used to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, back during my health-nut days. Yes, being healthy is good, but not when you are a nut about it. All the calorie-counting, food measuring…gawd, no. I refuse to put myself through that again. Life is short, and thus, indulgence is necessary (in moderation, of course).

Obviously, this blog is to continue my love for food, but I am also in a whole new continent now. I’ve lived abroad enough to know that people have this misconception about Asian food. No they’re not all the same. No, orange chicken is NOT a real Chinese dish. Also, there are differences between Chinese food, Taiwanese food and Cantonese food. With that said, I sure hope you already know the difference between Japanese and Korean. Part of my mission is to dispel the myth that is Asian food, I guess, but most importantly, to just continue to share my experiences and spread my love for food (and wine), while taking pictures and blogging.

Head over and check it out there 🙂


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