"Path of the Gods" - Positano, Italy
“Path of the Gods” – Positano, Italy

I can’t exactly remember when I decided to study abroad in Paris. After all, according to a friend, I already am “studying abroad.” Born in Taiwan, I moved to Shanghai when I was in 3rd grade and started my international education. After graduating high school, I came to LA. Basically, I’ve been “studying abroad” my whole life — So why stop here? After 2 years in LA, I find myself seeking a new cultural and academic experience. Everything here has become too familiar and too routine-like. Just as in high school when I felt it was time to leave Shanghai, I know that it’s time for me to leave LA (not permanently of course, still have a 4th year there).

After a lot of consideration, planning, and a lot of grey hairs appearing…I came to the decision to study at SciencesPo Paris for the school year of 2014-2015.

Why a whole year? Most choose only to stay a semester, but since I am experienced in the department of moving around/living in new places, I know that a few months simply won’t allow a person to get to know any place well enough. First of all, as a college student, your top priority is to study, and that takes a huge amount of time away from doing what you really want to do. Even after 2 years at UCLA, I still barely know what downtown looks like! Yes, I can blame a lot of it to the lack of transportation…public transportation. But that’s not a problem I will have in Paris. I plan to take complete advantage of the amazingly accessible public transportation, and bike rentals, to really experience Paris to the core. And what better way to document all those countless Parisian moments than to blog?! This will actually help me in remembering the cool adventures I am about to have and stories of people I am about to meet, and in reflecting on, and being grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

This blog will most likely be flooded with all things Paris, but since I’m already in Europe, I will definitely be taking the time to travel even more. I plan to visit places in Southern France, Switzerland, Germany ..etc. So hopefully there will be some stuff from that.

Follow me as I eat, shop, play, and study (yes, unfortunately that is what I’m there for) my way through my year in Paris!

Getty Museum - Los Angeles, CA
Getty Museum – Los Angeles, CA

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Either way, leave me something good 🙂









3 thoughts on “Me

  1. hi, i’m from Taiwan, and i’m also an exchange student but i would only stay for one semester.
    After reading your words, i started to regret not having applied for one year!!!
    i’m looking forward to reading more on your blog (cuz i’m also a foodie haha)
    and hopefully we would meet at sciences po!


      1. I’m from Taipei!
        I’m afraid I won’t do a good job, i can’t even keep a diary!
        Taking photos to record life might work on me instead!


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