Paris Nostalgia

Got a serious case of Paris nostalgia…and the only solution is to look through photos from my last week in Paris. Missing some important ones, but waiting on people to send them to me. Opera Garnier is still my favorite place to visit, the inside, of course. But if you wanna take a break, you … More Paris Nostalgia

Pierre Sang Boyer

A Korean chef raised French, Pierre Sang has managed to make a name for himself in the culinary arena in Paris in such a short period of time. He appeared in last month’s Gout de Paris, and has been rated by a lot of media as a top place to dine. The restaurant itself has a nice and … More Pierre Sang Boyer

Chez L’Ami Jean

A small and unassuming restaurant in the 7th arrondissement serving up Basque food has perhaps one of the best bistro-style food in Paris. The first time I went, the chef’s cuisine was pretty rustique – more home made style. But that seemed to have changed on my second visit with my aunt. Everything became more delicate, … More Chez L’Ami Jean

Les Papilles (II)

I’ve been looking forward to my second time here ever since my first. The homey and cozy feel at this bistro creates such a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that makes me want to go back almost every week! Their daily changing menu at 35 euros  gets you an entrée, which is usually soup, a main … More Les Papilles (II)

Pirouette (II)

My second time here is just as good as my first. I actually brought my aunt here for her first meal in Paris, and she loved it so much she wanted to go back this time she visited. So, by luck, we were able to get their last table for lunch on a Monday. We … More Pirouette (II)

Septime (II)

I was here about a month ago and enjoyed the meal so much that I made another reservation right away, without hesitation! So glad I did since I had a different experience this time. We went “carte blanche” as there was no other choice. Usually, you have the 30 euro set menu offer, but I guess … More Septime (II)

East Mama

I always love some good Italian food…especially pasta. Pasta has become such a universal food that you can find it anywhere in the world. But this seemingly simple dish is probably one of the hardest dishes you can ever make. Growing up in a culture where noodles are stables in our daily diet, I’ve had … More East Mama


A restaurant notorious for its strictness on booking, Septime is actually one of the hardest restaurants to get into. You can only book three weeks in advance. Precisely three weeks in advance; not a day sooner or a day later. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I discovered this place, but was also too … More Septime