Vivant Cave

Tucked away in a quiet street in the 10th arrondissement, Vivant Cave is serving up hearty portions of tapas with the freshest ingredients of the day. Chef Svante Forstorp surprised us with the amount of flavor in the simplicity of the dishes. Next to Vivant Cave is Vivant Table, headed by chef Masaaki Yamamoto. I actually went … More Vivant Cave


A very small, but nice and cozy wine bar with seating for perhaps a maximum of 20 people. True, there is probably nothing special about the restaurant decoration itself, besides the shelves of wine, but it just makes me feel homey and incredibly comfortable. It’s a place I would go to on a weeknight when I … More Juveniles

A Noste

My love for wine bars and tapas bar is still going… and A Noste is a Basque-style restaurant and tapas bar. The restaurant is on the second floor, or in France, premier etage (which translates to first floor…I will never understand this logic. But of course, the tapas bar is where you wanna be! From Mondays to Fridays, … More A Noste

Le Richer

Le Richer has easily made it to my list of favorite wine bars. The walk to find this place was a bit sketchy though. Serving only tapas with its excellent collection of wine, Le Richer has styled its establishment with the right combination of coziness and intimacy. Entrees ordered were terrine de sanglier and soup de poisson. The terrine … More Le Richer

Le Mary Celeste

This charming little wine bar in Le Marais has been on my mind for a while. At Le MaryCeleste, there is no menu of plates, it’s all tapas created by Chef Haan Palcu-Chang that are meant to be shared, accompanied by their cocktails and wine. I would definitely make a reservation in advance if you plan on … More Le Mary Celeste

Beaujolais Nouveau

For a new wine enthusiast like me, events like these always pique my interest and curiosity.  People celebrate the release of new Beaujolais wine? I thought wine is so much better when it has been matured and aged. Haha…thanks to auntie Carol, my misconception has now been corrected. It wasn’t until the 1970s the event Beaujolais … More Beaujolais Nouveau