Paris Nostalgia

Got a serious case of Paris nostalgia…and the only solution is to look through photos from my last week in Paris. Missing some important ones, but waiting on people to send them to me. Opera Garnier is still my favorite place to visit, the inside, of course. But if you wanna take a break, you … More Paris Nostalgia

Laurent Dubois

My knowledge with French cheese used to go as far as eating Brie. But now if you ask for cheese recommendations, I could probably go into a shop and buy 20 different ones easily. I’ve realized that I’ve become prone to spend more money on food than anything else hahah ooops… True, you can get … More Laurent Dubois

Opera Garnier (II)

It was at the request of Napoleon III that Charles Garnier started constructing this new opera house in Paris. This opera house was actually placed strategically at its current location by Napoleon. Near the Louvre and Jardin Tuileries, the opera house could create a “triangle of power” for Napoleon. The first time I visited Garnier, … More Opera Garnier (II)

Sainte Chapelle

Often overlooked because most crowd over to the popular Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle is actually another great place of worship to visit.  Located in the heart of the city at ile de la Cité, this medieval Gothic chapel is embellished with gorgeous stained glass windows. The chapel is divided into the lower chapel and the … More Sainte Chapelle

Rue Cremieux, 75012

The most colorful cobblestone street in Paris with two-storey buildings. A residential street, extremely quiet. A great location for pictures since it is out of the tourist crowd. Perfect spring time adventure, especially when the sun’s out!  

Springtime Sunshine

This week in photos… At Palais Royal…two misfits and two lovers. Free public orchestra concert for all. These people were so passionate. Restaurant Au Vieux D’arcole looks like a nice place to dine. Took an impromptu night stroll with my friend. Then she started dancing on the streets, so I wanted to go home. Hahaha … More Springtime Sunshine