Five Pounds Happier

I’ve never enjoyed food as much as I’ve had in Paris. I’ve always loved food, but Paris took me to a whole new level. It’s no wonder that it’s the gastronomy center of the world. But obviously, I would’ve never been able to experience that without some kicking and encouragement from 3 people in particular. … More Five Pounds Happier

Paris Nostalgia

Got a serious case of Paris nostalgia…and the only solution is to look through photos from my last week in Paris. Missing some important ones, but waiting on people to send them to me. Opera Garnier is still my favorite place to visit, the inside, of course. But if you wanna take a break, you … More Paris Nostalgia

All good things…

So the one week count down begins until I leave my beloved city 😦 Growing up as a TCK, I would think that I’m used to moving around by now. But that’s definitely not true. The only thing true about moving around is the long flights that I have to take. Anything above 12+ hours … More All good things…

A week of sunshine

The weather forecast didn’t look so great this week, but I guess someone somewhere was watching over Paris and decided to give us that glorious sunshine. Everyday. There was rain though, but it was always greeted with sunshine right after. On Wednesday, there was basically a typhoon, but then a glaringly amount of sunshine appeared and … More A week of sunshine

Rue Cremieux, 75012

The most colorful cobblestone street in Paris with two-storey buildings. A residential street, extremely quiet. A great location for pictures since it is out of the tourist crowd. Perfect spring time adventure, especially when the sun’s out!  

Springtime Sunshine

This week in photos… At Palais Royal…two misfits and two lovers. Free public orchestra concert for all. These people were so passionate. Restaurant Au Vieux D’arcole looks like a nice place to dine. Took an impromptu night stroll with my friend. Then she started dancing on the streets, so I wanted to go home. Hahaha … More Springtime Sunshine