Fussen’s fairytale castles

The Sleeping Beauty castle that we are all so familiar with is modeled after Germany’s very own Neuschwanstein. While living in Hohenschwangau, King Ludwig II of Bavaria was already dreaming about having his own royal residence nearby. However, he passed away before getting the chance to live there.

The interior design was said to already be way before its time. The intricate building process dragged took several years. Originally, Ludwig set the deadline for three years, but it became impossible to finish unless workers worked day and night.

After a tour of the castle, make your way to the bridge to get this gorgeous view of the castle! We braved the cold, but it was worth it!


We actually visited Hohenschwangau first. Compared to Neuschwanstein, it is older in style and coarser in design. The palace displays several expensive gifts from other royalties.



The nearby lake Alpsee also has an incredibly gorgeous view. Worth visiting first thing in the morning before your tour and before all the other tourists come swarming in! Great photo ops all around the area 🙂


NB: Visits to the castles are guided and lasts around 30 minutes. It’s a trek up to Neuschwanstein, but a short walk up to Hohenschwangau. Buses and carriages are available to take you to either of those places, but you have to line up. No photos allowed inside either castle.  I also suggest reserving the tour beforehand. Audio guides are also available.






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